Edward Gorey Drawings and Posters Top Lots from Speigel Collection

Swann Galleries’ May 8 auction of Art, Press & Illustrated Books featured extraordinary material from the Edward Gorey Collection of Samuel Speigel. The exhibition was among the best attended we’ve had and nearly every lot found a buyer. The Gorey collection brought excited new bidders to Swann–and his posters, original artwork and ephemera were the runaway hits of the day.

More material from Speigel’s collection will appear in our October 2014 auction of Art, Press & Illustrated Books.

Lot 305: This pen and ink vignette was used in advertisements, Showbill illustrations and merchandise for the 1992 Philadelphia Plays and Player’s Theatre production of Amphigorey, A Musicale. It brought $5,500. 
Lot 304: This pen and ink illustration of a cigarette-smoking balletic acrobat with decoratively lettered title was designed for The New York Review Quiz Book, 1986. It sold for $4,500.

Lot 267: Gorey’s 1983 publicity poster for a production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado at Carnegie Mellon University’s Kresge Theatre–one of only 100 and signed by Gorey–sold for $3,500.