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    Howard Chandler Christy, Charles Addams

    Left: Lot 148 - Howard Chandler Christy, I Am an American!, charcoal and pastel on board, 1941.

    Sold January 28, 2016 for an auction record of $40,000.

    Right: Lot 170 - Charles Addams, Show Magazine cover illustration, mixed media, 1960s. Sold January 28, 2016 for $17,500.


    Our annual sale of original Illustration Art is rich with fine examples of advertising art, book and magazine illustrations, fashion and costume drawings, cartoons and comics. Debuting on the market is Howard Chandler Christy's large and masterly drawing for the poster I Am an American!, created for the 1941 Mayor's Committee Celebration of "I Am an American Day." Natural-born and naturalized citizens alike gathered in Central Park and recited an oath of allegiance to the United States for the event. The maquette shows his favorite model, Elise Ford, as the beautiful Columbia, powerfully striding forward as a determined force for liberty and democracy. 


    Another debut in this sale is a large-scale watercolor illustration by Charles Addams for the cover of Show Magazine, humorously depicting the power play of the network television industry in the early 1960s. The painting is inscribed to James Aubrey, who at the time was the young and ambitious programming director of CBS network. 


    Ernest Howard Shepard

     Lot 128: Ernest Howard Shepard, Mole Stretched on the Bank, pen and ink illustration for the 1931 edition of The Wind in the the Willows.

    Sold January 28, 2016 for $13,750.




    Edward Gorey



    Works by famous and beloved picture book illustrators include Arthur Rackham's famous Scrooge and the Ghost of Marley from Dickens's A Christmas Carol, 1915; a watercolor of Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter; a large painting of Rip Van Winkle by Everett Shinn and Michael Foreman's art for The Wind in the Willows.


    Color boards for the first African-American family in the Dick and Jane series are also included. Seven editions of Dick and Jane textbooks ran from 1930 to 1965. Scott, Foresman & Company introduced Pam, Penny and their brother Mike to the series in 1965, at the height of conflict regarding public school integration in the United States. 






    Right: Lot 57: Edward Gorey, Haunted New Orleans, pen and ink with wash, published in Holiday Magazine, 1961. Sold January 28, 2016 for $10,625.





    Pam, Penny and Mike

    Lot 138: Richard Wiley, Funny Frog, from the Dick and Jane series story We Play Outside, featuring the first

    African-American children to appear in the series, 1966. Sold January 28, 2016 for $3,000.




    Arthur Getz


    Our ever-popular and growing section of The New Yorker cartoons and cover art features amusing and colorful images by Bud Handelsman, Arthur Getz and William Steig as well as cartoons by greats including George Price, Chon Day and Whitney Darrow, Jr.


    Other highlights include magazine covers by Maginel Wright Enright Barney and Freeman Elliot, and the return of our pet genre "Man-cave-iana," with manly covers by Lou Marchetti, Charles Copeland, Frederick Blakeslee and George Petty.










    Left:Lot 234 - Arthur Getz, Camp Cook, casein tempera, cover illustration for

    The New YorkerAugust 22, 1953. Sold January 28, 2016 for $4,000. 



    For more information about any of the items in this auction, contact Specialists Christine von der Linn and John D. Larson