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(ALBUM.) Autograph album containing over 80 items Signed, or Signed and

Inscribed, by 19th- and 20th-century officials in America and throughout the Pacific and

the West Indies, including American consular officials in places such as Halifax, St. Kitts,

Guantanamo, Habana,Veracruz, Martinique, and Mexico City, kept by an intrepid traveler,

A[bbott?] P. Smith. Many with date, place, or title, written one to a page, mostly recto and

verso. Oblong 8vo, calf, worn.



Vp, 1878-1933


Kalakaua; King of Hawaii. 1878 * Theodore Roosevelt. As President. 1906 *William H.Taft. As

President. 1911 *William McKinley. As President. 1899 * Nette P. Dearborn. “At Sea. Jan 29th

1878” * Lydia Bingham Coan. Hilo, Hawaii, 10 February 1878 * William A. Rublee. “U.S.

Consul General Habana Cuba / Jan 31 1903” * Albert Cushing Read. “US Navy, NC-4 /

October 1st 1919” * others.



Autograph Note Signed, “G.R.,” to Lord Sydney (lacking salutation), requesting that he

order George Yonge to make appointments for positions at Chelsea Hospital and that he

send the names of candidates for the offices formerly held by Mr. Powell, expressing

approval of the appointment of a Deputy for Colonel [Henry Edward?] Fox, and inquiring

about Lord [Frederick] North’s disposition toward the King’s offer to him. 1 page, 4to, with

integral blank; horizontal folds.

“Queen’s House” [London], 15 March 1783


Lord Sydney will acquaint Sir Geo.Yonge by a private letter that the proper Commission must be

prepared appointing Mr. Estwick Secretary and Register of Chelsea Hospital and Mr. Henrey Smith

joint Agent of the Invalids, andYou will also acquaint Mr. Barré of my approbation of both persons.

Sir Geo.Yonge may also send you the names of the persons he proposes for the other Offices held by

Mr. Powell if I can properly name to both; my doubt is whether I can nominate a Deputy to Col.

Fox, if that is usual I certainly approve of it.”

The postscript:“I am this morning to see Ld. North but have not the smallest guess whether it is with

a favourable or declining answer.”

Frederick North (1732-1792) became Prime Minister in 1770, leaving the office in 1782 after hav-

ing lost favor because of the course of the war in the American colonies.The coalition he formed with

Charles James Fox created a new government with the Duke of Portland at the head, under which

the American Revolutionary War was brought to an end by the signing of the Treaty of Paris on

September 3, 1783.


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