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If there is a generally accepted title for the print, that title is given at the beginning of the

lot description following the artist’s name.

The primary medium is identified following the title. The terms used are intended only as a

general description and may not include all the techniques employed by the artist.

Dates used in the catalogue entries refer to execution of the “master” or printing matrix.

For prints made after 1949, it will be stated if the impression was pulled later than the exe-

cution of the master or matrix; for prints made prior to 1949, the impression may or may

not be of a date contemporaneous with the execution of the master or matrix.

The term “signed” means that, in our opinion, the signature is by the artist and was made

more or less contemporaneously with the creation of the print.

Whenever possible, we attempt to indicate the state of a print and will usually rely on infor-

mation found in the relevant catalogue raisonné to determine this information.

For modern and contemporary prints, and for early prints when the data are available, every

reasonable effort is made to identify relevant information concerning the extent of the edi-

tion. If the print is described as an “artist’s proof ” or an “hors commerce” impression, the

size of the regular edition is usually provided.

In most cases, we describe the quality of the impression of the print, ranging in descending

order from “brilliant” and “superb” to “very good,” “good” and “fair.” These descriptions

are intended merely as a general guide and should not be taken as a statement of fact, nor do

they represent any description of the condition of the print.