Sale 2457 - Early Printed Medical, Scientific & Travel Books, October 17, 2017

201 ● (AETITE.) La Vertu de la Pierre Aquiline [caption title]. Letterpress handbill in French with woodcut headpiece and type ornament border. Approximately 205x154 mm; margins unevenly trimmed, small hole in center affecting a few letters, stain on right side, right edge frayed. Todi: Augustin Faustin [i. e., Agostino Faustini], 17th century [100/200] Description of the characteristics and therapeutic properties of aetite, or eagle stone, a type of geode reputed to promote childbirth and lactation, alleviate epilepsy, repel poisonous animals, counteract the effects of venom, etc. 201 MEDICINE Lots 201-230 202