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227 225 c   ATKINSON, BROOKS.Archive of over 30 letters Signed,“Brooks,” to printmaker and type designer Bert Chambers (“Dear Brick”), including mostlyTLsS,mostly on personal subjects, some discussion of ongoing projects. Format and condition vary. Many with the original envelope. Vp, 1941-76 [600/900] 19 August no year: “One thing I observe with some sardonic pleasure.You generously take some time off to design gorgeous letter paper for your friends, but have none of your own.Well, shoemaker’s brats always have dirty feet, or something like that. “Brick, the designing is wonderful, and makes me eager to write a letter. It all looks so simple and inevitable . . . .” with — Newspaper clippings, reprints of Atkinson’s reviews, a letter from Arthur Hays Sulzberger to Chambers, color and paper samples, some with Atkinson’s or Chambers’s comments, etc. WRITERS LOTS 225 - 281