Sale 2461 - Autographs, November 7, 2017

1 c   (ADMIRALS.) Two items, each a clipped Signature with rank: David G. Far- ragut * David Dixon Porter.The first,“D.G. Farragut / Vice Admiral.” 1x3 3 / 4 inches; mounted at corners to larger slip of paper, faint marginal discoloration from prior matting. The second, “David D Porter / Admiral of / the Navy.” 4x7 inches; faint marginal discoloration from prior matting, remnants of prior mounting at lower cor- ners and upper edge verso, holograph date truncated at lower edge (“1886?”). Np, nd [200/300] 2 c   ALLEN, ETHAN. Autograph Man- uscript, unsigned, a leaf from his account book, listing the names and amounts due or paid. 8 entries on recto and as many on verso. 2 pages, 8vo; some loss to lower edge affecting portion of an entry. Np, nd [600/900] In October, 1780, some of the men listed here served in a company of VT militia in the Sixth Regiment under the command of Lt. Lem- uel Bradley. 3 c   (AMERICAN REVOLUTION.) CLINTON, HENRY. Letter Signed,“HClinton,” as Commander-in-Chief, to Colonial Secretary George Germain, summarizing the con- tent of a previous letter, conveying the threatened resignation of the Superintendant of Exports and Imports due to orders from the Lords Commissioners, and asserting that he has countermanded the orders because of the indispensability of the Superintendant. 4 1 / 2 pages, small folio, written on 3 separate sheets; folds. New York, 9 March 1781 [700/1,000] “. . . I have been assisted by Mr. Elliot’s Opinions . . . . [H]e has been more engaged in every Civil Regulation than any other person in New York . . . . [H]is Management of Mercantile Affairs has been directed with so much Prudence and he has shewn such care to procure ample Supplies for the Garrison and at the same time to promote the Interests of the Trader, that he has given Compleat Satisfaction to both. “If the Act of Parliament passed last Sessions for Regulating the Exports and Imports of such Ports of America as are occupied by His Majesty’s Troops is not renewed before its Expiration on the first of next June . . . I must request that your Lordship will . . . furnish me in time with such Instructions as may prevent the bad consequence resulting from an Interruption of them. . . .” 2 AMERICANA LOTS 1 - 26