Sale 2473 - Printed & Manuscript Americana, April 12, 2018

319 c   (PERU.) Land claim questionnaires from Acos district. [28] manuscript pages, 12 1 / 4 x 8 1 / 2 inches, with various signatures, stitched; minor dampstaining and wear, with text written around two paper flaws. Cuzco, 1606 [1,500/2,500] Indian residents of the Acos district are asked to prove their claims that that they have received their land from Inca royal Diego Yupanqui. The answers of 7 individuals to a battery of 14 questions are given. Many express anger at Francisco de Olarte, who was apparently angling to take possession of the land, and forcing the locals to work without pay. One accusation: “One day he went out to the plaza and said publicly in front of all of the Indians who had gathered at the parish church that all of those who were suing him were a bunch of Jews, and they should be paying him, and he should be able to live in Acos despite them.”