Page 3 - Swann Galleries - The Trumpet - Fall - Winter 2012

Elisha Faxon,
The Agreeable Surprize
manuscript broadside valentine, Connecticut,
$3,000 to $4,000.
This well-rounded sale features exceptional works by American and European masters. Among 19th century
highlights are fine pieces by Cézanne, Degas, Gauguin, Monet, Renoir, Rodin and Toulouse-Lautrec, as well as
Whistler’s scarce 1875-76 drypoint,
The Boy
which is appearing at auction for the first time.
There are prints by American artists such as Avery, Benton, Cadmus, Hassam, and Lewis, with highlights including
Sultry Night
, 1937
and Hopper’s iconic
Night Shadows,
Picasso prints and drawings that span the artist’s lifetime include
Dompteur de Chats
pencil study, circa 1903;
bachique au minotaure
etching, 1933; and
Figure Composée I
lithograph, 1949. Also featured are an early Braque
cubist etching
Pal (Bouteille de basse et verre sur une table)
, 1911;
Esel uber dem Dorf
, 1951,
an etching
with extensive hand coloring in watercolor; and works on paper by Dalí, van Dongen, Giacometti, Léger, Magritte,
Matisse, Miró, Munch and Rouault.
Pablo Picasso,
Tête de femme
color linoleum cut, 1952. $80,000 to $120,000.
Headlining Swann’s inaugural sale of Fine & Vintage Writing Instruments is the finest group of vintage Chiltons
ever presented at auction, which includes unique examples of early Boston pens as well as Wingflow and
Golden Quill models.
There is also an excellent collection of vintage Montblancs, with pens in azurite, coral, jet and pearl, as well
as faceted models in colored celluloid and gold-filled metal. Included will be 128, 138, 139 and early silver
band 149 models in addition to tiger eye 244 and 264 models and a stunning gray stripe 146 set, near mint
in the pouch.
The same collection includes a significant number of signature vintage Aurora pens such as the Etiopia and
Asterope, as well as colored and black celluloid vintage OMAS pens in standard and grande sizes, and many
other Italian pens from Ancora, Columbus and others.
Top: Pelikan #111,Toledo. $3,500 to
$5,000. Bottom: Pelikan #M710, early
West German. $300 to $500.
American Revolution material stands out in this sale, with an issue of the
Pennsylvania Gazette
dated July 3, 1776 announcing
independence a day ahead of the formal Declaration; BenjaminTyler’s 1818 engraving of the Declaration on rollers; and a 1775
plan of the Battle of Bunker Hill, published in London. From the collection of James M. Ransom—whose main interests were
the American Revolution and the iron mines of the NewYork/New Jersey border region—is a scarce first printing of the New
York state constitution from 1777.
The top Civil War highlight is a large archive of correspondence and papers of Capt. Isaac Plumb, which includes three of
his swords. A small baseball section features a record book of amateur baseball clubs in Washington, D.C. from 1867 to
A small but impressive Judaica section offers Isaac Leeser’s 1845 translation of the Pentateuch. Californians may enjoy
an 1834 first edition of Duhaut-Cilly’s
Voyage autour du monde
and group of lively ink sketches of early Chinese immigrants
in San Francisco circa 1860.
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Das Werk von Gustav Klimt, Einleitende Worte: Hermann Bahr, Peter Altenberg
, 50
plates in
original case designed by Julius Dratva,Vienna and Leipzig, 1918. $30,000 to $40,000.At Auction October 11.
Cover: Photogravure from Edward S. Curtis’s
The North American Indian
At auction October 4.