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    A Look Inside the Catalogue




    Hiroshi Sugimoto

    Lot 191: Hiroshi Sugimoto, Stadium Drive-In, Orange, silver print, 1993. Sold February 25, 2016 for $11,875.



    Photographs are the perfect vehicle for both storytelling and fine art, and this February 25 auction represents both aspects of the medium. In Hiroshi Sugimoto's tour-de-force Stadium Drive-In, Orange, 1993, he records a full-length film in a single exposure, brilliantly merging the cinematic and photographic.  



    Ansel Adams

    Lot 99: Ansel Adams, Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, mural-sized silver print, 1941, printed 1950s. 

    Sold February 25, 2016 for $221,000.



    This rare 1950s print of Ansel Adams’s mural-sized Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, tells a story of its own. Director of Photographs & Photobooks Daile Kaplan tells the story: 






    Richard Avedon stuns with his kinetic high-fashion print Suzy Parker and Robin Tattersall, evening dress by Grès, Moulin Rouge, 1957. Cathy Horyn's 2009 article for The New York Times noted,"[Avedon] saw not so much the fashion in the streets as the cosmopolitan gestures that animated it. Movement entered his pictures for Harper's Bazaar soon after he arrived there. Storytelling followed."


    Richard Avedon

    Lot 111: Richard Avedon, Suzy Parker and Robin Tattersallevening dress by Grès, Moulin Rouge, oversized silver print, 1977. 

    Sold February 25, 2016 for $35,000.


    Contemporary greats include Peter Beard’s I’ll Write Whenever I Can, Koobi Fora, Lake Rudof, 1965. Beard's photographs bear witness to dramatic cultural and environmental changes in Kenya in the 1960s. His mixed-media artworks, each of which is unique, are enhanced with ink, paint, blood and personal notations. 



    Peter Beard

    Lot 170: Peter Beard, I'll Write Whenever I Can, Koobi Fora, Lake Rudof, silver print with unique hand applications, 

    1965, printed 1990s. Sold February 25, 2016 for $22,500.



    Sally Mann is best known for intimate photographs of her young children, which explore ordinary moments in a child's life. At the same time, her pictures address larger cultural and social narratives, such as how girls are perceived in our society.



    Sally Mann

     Lot 188, Sally Mann, Fallen Child, silver print, 1989. Sold February 25, 2016 for $10,400.     


    Vernacular - American Bandstand


    Lot 243: From a collection of 36 snapshots made of a TV screen airing the hit show American Bandstand, 1959-61.

    Sold February 25, 2016 for $2,000. 



    Vernacular photographers, too, find compelling stories to tell. As seen above, teenagers do the twist in a series of television snapshots made of American Bandstand, 1959-61. Elaine O’Neil’s splendid multi-paneled oversized cyanotype cow quilt, 1979, blends the vernacular and the sublime.

     Lot 199: Elaine O'Neil, multi-paneled cyanotype cow quilt, 1979. Sold February 25, 2016 for $6,500.





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