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    A Look Inside The Catalogue




    Images & Objects: Photographs & Photobooks

    Lot 180: Ormond Gigli, Girls in the Windows, New York City, chromogenic print, 1960, printed later. Sold for $52,500.


    This April auction featured iconic images and works from lauded photographers alongside compelling vernacular items and photobooks. Ormond Gigli's marvelous image, above, captures the urban fantasy of fashion imagery. Gigli's studio was across the street from a row of brownstones slated for demolition. Apparently, the supervisor agreed to the shoot provided his wife was featured in the picture! Models, socialites, Gigli's wife (second floor, far right), the supervisor's wife (third floor, third from left), are arranged in a colorful display. 


    Images & Objects: Photographs & Photobooks 

    Lot 37: Alfred Stieglitz, Wet Day on the Boulevard, Paris, photogravure, 1897. Sold for $27,500.



    Other auction highlights include photographic pioneer Alfred Stieglitz's 1897 photogravure Wet Day on the Boulevard, Paris, a painterly photograph where Stieglitz plays with the reflective nature of the rain-damp pavement. The photogravure is signed, and comes from the collection of Dorothy Norman. 




    Images & Objects: Photographs & Photobooks

    Lot 56: Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp's "A Regarder d'Un Oeil, De Prés Pendant Presque Une Heure", real photo postcard, 1920.

    Sold for $17,500.



    Man Ray's rare real-photo postcard of Marcel Duchamp's "A Regarder d'Un Oeil, De Prés Pendant Presque Une Heure"  is also featured in the sale. The photograph is transformative, using the contrast of light and shadow behind Duchamp's glass piece to add a new level of sharp geometry to the work's lines and cracks. Man Ray's camera also acts as another eye, adding another layer of looking to Duchamp's piece, the title of which translates as To Be Looked at (from the Other Side of the Glass) with One Eye, Close to, for Almost an Hour.   



       Wilson A. Bentley

    Lot 60: Wilson A. Bentley, group of 4 photographs from Snowflakes series, gold-chloride toned microphotographs

    from glass plate negatives, 1903-20. Sold for $6,250.



    The sale also features a group of four photographs by Wilson A. Bentley. During the course of a 40-year career working in frigid New England winters, Bentley chronicled 5,000 snowflakes. Deeply committed to his work, Bentley's passion for snowflakes can be summed up in his own description of their fleeting wonder, "Each crystal was a masterpiece of design; and no one design was ever repeated."



    Images & Objects: Photographs & Photobooks 

    Lot 258: A group of 20 cyanotypes documenting the construction of a trestle bridge in south France, 1899-1920.

    Sold for $15,000.



    Vernacular photographs open windows to the past: in this sale we find a selection of twenty stunning cyanotypes documenting the construction of a vast trestle bridge in the southern French countryside. Shot between 1899 and 1902, these prints position the modern geometry of the in-process bridge against the sloping landscape it spans. The construction-based subject matter also harkens back to the cyanotype medium's original purpose, producing blueprint copies of notes and diagrams. 




     Images & Objects: Photographs & Photobooks

    Lot 231: William Eggleston, Untitled (Wonder Bread products on a shelf), dye-transfer print, 1974. Sold for $10,000.



    William Eggleston's works find the wonderful in the familiar and ordinary, while adding a cinematic sense of suspense to what, at first glance, might appear to be mundane scenes. This sense of drama is evident in his 1974 dye-transfer print, Untitled (Wonder Bread products on a shelf), where the bright and inviting packaging of the treats contrasts with heavy shadows.



    For more information on the sale, contact Photographs & Photobooks Director Daile Kaplan