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    A Look Inside the Catalogue 



    Lot 270: James Turrell, Series B from First Light, 3 aquatints, 1989-90. Sold for $21,250. 



    Our bi-annual auction of Contemporary Art features a mix of works by contemporary art world heavy hitters like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein alongside works by artists who are just hitting their stride in the market. 


    Highlights include James Turell's Series B, three aquatints from First Light, a portfolio depicting the artist's early light installation project from 1966-67. In Series B we see a triangle of light projected into a corner which appears to move from one sheet to the next. 



    Roy Lichtenstein        Richard Diebenkorn

    Left, Lot 151: Roy Lichtenstein, Sweet Dreams, Baby!, color screenprint, 1965. Sold for $125,000. 

    Right, Lot 135: Richard Diebenkorn, Tri-Color, color aquatint with hard ground etching and drypoint, 1981.

    Sold for $18,200.



    Roy Lichtenstein's color screenprint Sweet Dreams, Baby! demonstrates the artist's signature comic-inspired style with its dramatic action and language. Painter Richard Diebenkorn's print Tri-Color plays with shape and primary colors. 



    Alex Katz

    Lot 208: Alex Katz, Reclining Figure / Indian Blanket, color aquatint, 1987. Sold for $9,375.



    Brooklyn-born Alex Katz uses bright hues and simple details to draw the viewers attention, as seen in his 1987 color aquatint Reclining Figure / Indian Blanket. Pop Art giant Andy Warhol's 1970 color screenprint Flowers is an example of the artist departing from work relying on mass media or commercial images. 



    Andy Warhol

    Lot 166: Andy Warhol, Flowers, color screenprint, 1970. Sold for $35,000.





    For more information about any of these items, or anything else in our upcoming Contemporary Art auction, contact Prints & Drawings Department Director Todd Weyman.