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    A Look Inside the Catalogue



    Our August auction of Vintage Posters offered an excellent lineup of posters, from Art Nouveau to American literary, to pre-Revolutionary Russian images. 


     Everything's Jantzen


    Lot 551: Everything's Jantzen, artist unknown, circa 1950s. Sold for $3,500.


    Notable brand advertisements included Jantzen swimwear (pictured above), Limonade Brault by Philippe Henri Noyer, and Champagne Joseph Perrier (seen below). Other featured highlights were works by celebrated artists Alphonse Mucha, Ludwig Hohlwein, Tadanori Yokoo, and David Klein.




    Champagne Joseph Perrier


    Left, Lot 456: J. Stall, Champagne Joseph Perrier, circa 1929. Sold for $3,120.

    Right, Lot 449: Philippe Henri Noyer, Limonade Brault, 1938. Sold for $5,720.





    H.R. Hopps




    A timely recruitment poster by H.R. Hopps (at left) that distilled American horror in the first World War, illustrating the disgraced archetype of Liberty, sold for $12,500. Quintessential American images by James Montgomery Flagg were offered, including Wake Up, America! (pictured below) and I Want You for U.S. Army, which portray the allegorical Columbia and Uncle Sam.











    Left, Lot 166: H.R. Hopps, Destroy This Mad Brute, circa 1917. Sold for $12,500. 






    soviet propaganda

    Left, Lot 216: Soviet propaganda, group of 35 posters, 1930-34. Sold for $18,750.

    Right, Lot 273: The Great Men of the World, designer unknown, circa 1945-46. Sold for $7,500. 



    The August poster sale traditionally features a rich selection of World War I and II propaganda posters–an excellent group of soviet propaganda posters (pictured above, at left) realized $18,750. The Great Men of the World, (pictured above, at right) is a late World War II poster issued by the Chinese Nationalist Party that depicts all of the highly ranked military officers affiliated with the party, along with Chiang Kai-Shek, Franklin Roosevelt, Josef Stalin, Charles de Gaulle, Winston Churchill and many others.




    James Montgomery Flagg, Wake Up, America! james montgomery flagg


    Left, Lot 164: James Montgomery Flagg, Wake Up, America!, 1917. Sold for $4,500. 

    Right, Lot 163: James Montgomery Flagg, Wake Up America Day, 1917. Sold for $8,750.






    For more information on the sale, contact a specialist in the Vintage Posters department.

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