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    A Look Inside the Catalogue 


    Our newly expanded Illustration Art department held its first autumn auction this year with works by Aubrey Beardsley, Howard Chandler Christy, Edmund Dulac and Gilbert Gaul. Fashionable magazine cover illustrations by Erté and Georges LePape, for Harper's Bazaar and Vogue respectively, took center stage.



    Georges LePape, Le Miroir

     Left, Lot 25: Erté, La Cage Improvisée, gouache, cover for Harper's Bazaar, July 1922. Sold for an artist record of $45,000.

    Right, Lot 34: Georges LePape, Le Miroir, watercolor and ink, cover for Vogue, November 15, 1927.

    Sold for an artist record of $52,500.






    A recently rediscovered original watercolor by Dr. Seuss for Tadd and Todd, originally published in Redbook Magazine, made its auction debut. The image appeared in The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories, the recently published book of rediscovered Seuss stories. It depicts the crux of the tale: one of the titular twin brothers, Tadd, in his quest for independence, has dyed his hair, removed a shoe, and amassed a collection of accoutrements.






    Left, Lot 95: Dr. Seuss, Tadd and Todd, ink and watercolor, 1950. Sold for $23,750.





    Ludwig Bemelmans

     Left, Lot 100: Garth Williams, Pet and Bunny, pencil, published in Little House on the Prairie, 1953. Sold for $7,500.

    Right, Lot 129: Ludwig Bemelmans, Does Chef Find the Pheasant Pleasant?, watercolor and ink, circa 1950s.

    Sold for $10,625.




    In addition to Dr. Seuss, works by beloved children's book illustrators include Garth Williams's pencil drawing of Pet and Bunny for Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie; the cover drawing from Frog and Toad All Year by Arnold Lobel, and a culinary-inspired watercolor by Ludwig Bemelmans.




    Winsor McCayLot 254: Winsor McCay, 200 Million Light Years, pen and ink, published in the Milwaukee Sentinel, March 22, 1931. Sold for $12,500.




    Aubrey Beardsley




    A run of floral pen and ink drawings by Aubrey Beardsley were featured. They were all used as ornamental devices in a nineteenth-century edition of Le Morte d'Arthur, London, 1893-94. 



    Several full-page Charles Addams cartoons joined Arthur Getz, William Steig and contemporary cartoonist Tom Toro, as we once again celebrate covers and cartoons for The New Yorker–many with timely election themes. The comics section is led John Held Jr. and featured original drawings of Captain America by Marvel Comics legend Jack Kirby




    Left, Lot 4: Aubrey Beardsley, Rose Bush, pen and ink, 1893. Sold for $12,500.





    Charles Addams, Noisy Neighbor The Addams Family, Charles Addams


    Left, Lot 270: Charles Addams, Noisy Neighbor, ink and wash, full-page cartoon for The New Yorker, April 28, 1951. Sold for $15,000.

    Right, Lot 268: Addams, "This is your room. If you should need anything, just scream," full-page cartoon for

    The New Yorker, March 13, 1943. Sold for $20,000.








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