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  • A Look Inside the Catalogue



    Edward Vischer

    Lot 87: Edward Vischer, Views of California: The Mammoth Tree Grove, 24 lithographs, San Francisco, 1862.

    Sold for $6,500.




    American Crisis





    With highlights from the Calforniana collection of Timothy Treacy, this sale offered exciting views of daily American life from the sixteenth century to the early 1900s. The offerings include most of the "Zamorano 80," a list from 1945 of the most important early books on California. Two of these are Edward Vischer's Views of California, 1862 (pictured above), and Edward McGowan's Narrative of... Adventures and Perils, while Persecuted by the San Francisco Vigilance Committee, 1857.


    Other highlights included substantial selections on the American Revolution, the Civil War, and colonial Cuba and Mexico.  








    Left, Lot 25: Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, Number 1, as printed in the Boston Gazette, 1777. Sold for $37,500.


     Lot 22: Manuscript orderly book of Capt. John Schenck, working on the New York defenses, 1776. Sold for $40,000.





    Benajah Williams

    Lot 226: Manuscript diary of Methodist Benajah Williams, describing a meeting which possibly inspired

    Joseph Smith's "First Vision," 1818-62. Sold for $13,750.




    We continue to offer monumental literature relating to the history of Mormonism: the first edition of the scripture of the Mormon church, released days before the official establishment of the church, is titled The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon, upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi, 1830. This rare version is the only one known to list Joseph Smith as the “author and proprietor” rather than the translator. A fascinating manuscript diary by a Methodist preacher named Benajah Williams is present. The document includes details of a revival camp meeting in western New York, with circumstantial associations to Joseph Smith's first vision. Other Mormon offerings include two banknotes issued for the Mormons by the Kirtland Safety Society Bank, one of them altered to be re-issued by the "Kirtland Safety Society Anti-Banking Co."



    Left, Lot 225: The Book of Mormon, first edition, Palmyra, 1830. Sold for $67,500.

    Right, Lot 234: Wilford Woodruff, letter signed to G. Rand, describing Mormon settlement and development of Utah,

    Salt Lake City, 1877. Sold for $25,000.






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