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    A Look Inside the Catalogue



    Lot 11: Hans Holbein, The Images of the Old Testament, with 94 woodcut illustrations,

    first edition in English, Lyon, 1549. Sold for $11,875.








    This sale featured early English books, such as Antonio de Guevara's manual of statecraft The Dial of Princes, 1568; Niccolò Machiavelli's The Florentine History, 1595; Michel de Montaigne's The Essayes, the precursor of the modern essay form, 1603; and Sir Philip Sidney's influential prose romance The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia, 1598. 







    Left, Lot 143: Caius Julius Caesar, Co[m]mentaria, first illustrated edition, Venice, 1511.

    Sold for $4,250.


    Lot 124: Oraciones, 15 manuscript prayers originally composed by Charles V. of Spain, dedicated to

    Carlos de Gurrea Aragón y Borja, Brussels, 1676. Sold for $9,375.








    A selection of incunabula included a Gutenberg Bible leaf, Mainz, 1455, and Petrus Berchorius's Liber Bibliae moralis, Cologne, 1477.  The medical section saw an archive of letters from Harvey Cushing to the great-niece of Elisha Bartlett regarding the collection of Bartlett material he assembled with her help.  A sizable offering of 17th to early 20th century works from the philosophy library of Professor Jan Ludwig included first editions by David Hume and Immanuel Kant.








    Right, Lot 140: Christophorus Georgius de Honestis, Expositio super Antidotario Mesue, Bologna, 1488.

    Sold for $15,000.



    Left, Lot 169: Plutarch, The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romaines, London, 1603. Sold for $6,500.

    Right, Lot 81: Immanuel Kant, Critik der reinen Vernunft, first edition, Riga, 1781. Sold for $10,000.




    Lot 184: Claudius Ptolemaeus, Geografia, Venice, 1598-97. Sold for $4,420.



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