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    A Look Inside the Catalogue 




    Lot 163: Aegidius Romanus, Lo libre del regiment dels princeps, first edition in Catalan, Barcelona, 1480.

    Sold for $50,000.




    This sale of early printed books boasted a substantial selection of Greek and Roman classics from the Genevan presses of the Estienne dynasty of scholar-printers. Notable examples included Thucydides’s De bello Pelopponesiaco libri VIII, 1588, and the contemporary physician and historian Achilles Pirmin Gasser's annotated copy of Olympia, Pythia, Nemea, Isthmia, 1560, by Pindar et al.




    Lot 148: Herodotus, Libri novem, first edition in the original Greek, in an 18th-century binding for the Venetian doge Mario Foscarini, Venice, 1502. Sold for $30,000.


    Lot 260: Galileo Galilei, Galilaeus . . . His Systeme of

    the World, in Thomas Salusbury's Mathematical

    Collections and Translations, first edition, London, 1661. Sold for $10,000.



    Lot 169: Saint Hieronymus, Epistolae, Venice, 1488. Sold for $7,000.




    Medical highlights were led by Hippocrates’s Libri omnes, bound with Paul of Aegina’s Libri septem, both of which were published in Basel in 1538; Monstrorum historia, Bologna, 1642, a profusely illustrated work by Ulisse Aldrovandi on deformity in nature; and Nicholas Culpeper’s Pharmacopoeia Londinensis; or, The London Dispensatory, Boston, 1720, the first full-length medical book printed in British North America.




    Lot 203: Ulisse Aldrovandi, Monstrorum historia, first edition, with over 450 woodcut illustrations, Bologna, 1642.

    Sold for $7,000.

    Lot 262: Jacques Lefèvre d'Étaples, Introductorium astronomicum, second edition, with commentary by Josse Clichtove, Paris, 1517. Sold for $2,750.



    Lot 285: Complete first edition set of the official accounts of Captain Cook's voyages, nine volumes, London, 1773-84.

    Sold for $17,500.





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