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    A Look Inside the Catalogue



    Lot 293: John Norman, The American Pilot, with 11 double-page or folding charts, Boston, 1810. Sold for $68,750.



    Lot 214: John Smith, New England, London, 1616. Sold for $35,000. 





    Leading this multifaceted sale was John Norman’s The American Pilot, with 11 spectacular folding charts. This monumental atlas signaled the end of British supremacy of U.S. waters, providing an accurate and comprehensive representation of the coastline. Additional atlases included a bound copy of Johann Baptist Nicolosi’s 1671 Hercules Siculus sive Studium Geographicum.


    Lot 187: Plancius Petrus, Orbis Terrarum Typus de Integro Multis in Locis Emendatus, two joined sheets, Amsterdam, 1594.

    Sold for $16,250.


    A masterwork of sixteenth-century Venetian cartography, Bolognino Zaltieri’s 1566 rendering of North America stood out among a prodigious selection of maps. A run of etchings by the satirist James Gillray featured one of his most beloved scenes: The Plumb-Pudding in Danger, 1805. Fine natural history prints, views and ephemera of all sorts will be offered as well.


    Lot 62: Paolo Forlani & Bolognino Zaltieri, Il Disegno del discoperto della noua Franza, Venice, 1566. Sold for $47,500. 




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    For more information on the sale, contact Specialist Caleb Kiffer in the Maps & Atlases department.


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