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    Manipulations & Manifestations 

    Allison C. Meier on Spirit Photography

    Hosted by Daile Kaplan


    Tuesday, October 16

    6 to 8 pm


     104 East 25th Street, 5th floor

    New York, NY 10010






     On View:

    Artists & Amateurs: Photographs & Photobooks



    Almost since its beginning, some have believed photography could visualize the spirit world. The technology was developed at a time when the practice of Spiritualism, which spawned séances in the United States and England, was high, and death was very present, with the American Civil War and cholera epidemics in London.


    Spirit photography, which was introduced in the Victorian era, employed photo manipulation and montage to manifest the departed. Yet even today popular interest in ghosts remains, haunting clickbait articles and ghost-hunting TV shows. What does this mean about our connection to photography, and our beliefs about the afterlife?





    Above: Lot 320 & Lot 322













    About the Speaker


    Allison C. Meier is a Brooklyn-based writer on the arts, architecture, and history. Previously, she was senior editor at the travel publication Atlas Obscura, and more recently a staff writer at the online arts magazine Hyperallergic. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Artsy, Fine Books Magazine, and other publications. She moonlights as a cemetery tour guide in New York City burial grounds. She’s lectured on cemeteries, art, and great trees at the Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Brainery, the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, and Green-Wood Cemetery. 



    Allison C. Meier