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  • 9 •(FIRST PHOTOGRAPHIC REPRODUCTION) DR. GOLDING BIRD (1814-1854) Fac-simile of a Photogenic Drawing as issued bound into Volume XXXIII of The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, April 20, 1839.
    This print is thought to be the first publication of an image produced using a photographic process. It was executed by exposing the "photogenic drawing," with Talbot's process, directly onto the woodblock, then etched through the fixed exposure, for reproductive printing purposes. 8vo, ¼ morocco marbled boards. 1839


    The editors proudly chose to print this early image in a rust colored ink, which mimics the appearance of a photogenic drawing. The print accompanies two subsequent articles by Dr. Bird entitled "A Treatise on Photogenic Drawing" and "The New Art - Photography," in which many recent discoveries are discussed.

    Golding Bird (1814-1854) was a significant British medical doctor and scientist. He was a revered chemist, physician, and inventor, responsible for innovation of the flexible stethoscope. He was also a pioneering researcher into kidney disease and the application of electricity in medicine.