WWII Poster Montage in Captain America

Sharp-eyed vintage poster enthusiasts are marveling over the closing title sequence of this summer’s blockbuster movie Captain America, The First Avenger, which hit theaters on July 22nd. The movie’s closing credits, technically referred to as the main on end title sequence, roll over an extraordinary montage of three-dimensional World War II propaganda posters, creating a stunning experience for any poster aficionado. Though the powerful selection of rare and well-known images in this spectacular 3D sequence has yet to appear as a whole on the web, many still frames have been displayed in articles and blogs covering the movie’s premiere.

That the hit film referenced World War Two propaganda is a testament to the bold visual imagery of the American poster artists in the 1940s. Posters were the primary way for the government to sway public opinion and generate support — moral, economic, and physical — for the war effort. Some of the posters represented in the montage have been sold by Swann in the past, while a few including lots 93 Together We Win, 132   I Want You, and 182 Buy War Bonds, will be making an appearance in the upcoming August 3rd Vintage Poster sale. Other notable posters depicted in this montage include Jean Carlu’s Production (Swann sale 2085 lot 32), J. Howard Miller’s rare and iconic Rosie the Riveter, Bernard Perlin’s Let ‘Em Have It, Weimer Pursell’s Keep ‘Em Coming (Swann sale 2220 lot 57), and Henry Koerner’s United We Are Strong.