Warhol’s Wild Raspberries: Delectable Drawings with a Side of Tangy Text

Are you exhausted by gourmet cuisine? Wearied by the sight of an elaborately laid table? Andy Warhol and Suzie Frankfurt felt much the same in 1959, a time when the US was embroiled in a love affair with French cookbooks and elaborate parties. Their answer was Wild Raspberries, a book of satirical recipes and serving suggestions featuring drawings by Warhol. Each recipe, written in the looping cursive of Warhol’s mother Julia Warhola, drips with delicately flavored humor and the spice of sarcasm.


From lot 369, Andy Warhol and Suzie Frankfurt, Wild Raspberries, 1959. 


Swann’s June 10, 2015 auction of Art, Press & Illustrated Books features a signed and inscribed copy of this refreshingly witty and delightfully hand-colored text, along with several other Warhol works. 
We’ve transcribed a few of the recipes below, though we suggest they be used by only the boldest and most unabashed hosts and hostesses. 
From lot 369, Andy Warhol and Suzie Frankfurt, Wild Raspberries, 1959.

“Omelet Greta Garbo

Make a bed of Genoise and fill it with pink ice. Cover with meringue and set to brown quickly. When about to serve pour a glass of beated [sic] kirsch into the meringue and light it. Always to be eaten alone in a candleit room”
From lot 369, Andy Warhol and Suzie Frankfurt, Wild Raspberries, 1959.

Gefülte of Fighting Fish

Contact Max’s fish hatchery in the Bronx and Have [sic] Max send C.O.D two plump fighting fish. Immerse them in sea water and allow them to do battle until they completely bone each other Take the filets, stir in white wine and serve slightly chilled.”
From lot 369, Andy Warhol and Suzie Frankfurt, Wild Raspberries, 1959.

“Roast Igyuana [sic] Andulusian

Since this reptile is not met with on the American market and is only found in the better gourmet shops on the Galapagos Islands it is superfluous to give recipes concerning its preparations Let it suffice to say they are prepared like the burmese lizzard [sic].”
From lot 369, Andy Warhol and Suzie Frankfurt, Wild Raspberries, 1959.

“Seared Roebuck


Take a saddle of roebuck, roast it and then swirl it in the poasting [sic] pan with two juniper berries. Remove from the roasting pan and sear it over an open fire adding Poiurade Sauce every thirty seconds. Serve with ot [sic] stewed Macintoshes. Ed. note: unlike meny [sic] other species of game roebuck must be eaten Fresh. It is important to note that roebuck shot in ambush is infinitely better than roebuck killed after a chase. keep this in mind on your next hunting trip.”