Keith Haring Excuses Angel Ortiz From Class

Keith Haring and Angel Ortiz, Autograph letter signed by Haring and photograph postcard signed by both, 1983. Estimate: $700 to $1,000.
If a doctor’s note doesn’t suffice as a way to get out of class, perhaps you can take the route that budding artist Angel Ortiz did in 1983. Ortiz missed school when traveling with contemporary artist Keith Haring on his European exhibition tour. The absence was excused with the help of a note from Haring, dated Nov. 4, 1983:
“Angel Ortiz traveled with me to Milano, Italy leaving Oct. 7 and returning Oct. 14. He accompanied me on my art exhibition tour in Milano, Italy and Madrid, Spain. I [am] certain that it was an educational experience.” 
Apparently, assisting a world famous artist for a week justified Ortiz’s absence from Seward Park High School Annex, as the note is initialed, presumably by a school administrator. This piece of paper is a highlight in Swann’s April 21st Autographs auction, and comes with a postcard, signed by both Haring and Ortiz, with a small sketch by Haring of a dancing man.
Ortiz—now known in the art world as LA II or Little Angel—worked with Haring for nearly 10 years prior to Haring’s death from AIDS in 1990. Ortiz’s new works, which combine street art and abstraction, are currently on view at Dorian Grey Gallery.