GA-43 Robot: Andy Warhol at a Child’s Eye Level

Among the Andy Warhol prints in Swann’s upcoming auction of Contemporary Art is GA-43 Robot, a unique color screenprint on canvas from 1983. 

Warhol melded printmaking and painting, blurring the line between an “original” and a “multiple.” He took a process traditionally reserved for mass production (screenprinting) and used it to create unique, fine-art canvases. He applied the industrial, modern-era idea of mass production to his artistic method and the flatness of screenprinting aptly reflected the superficiality of pop culture.

In 1983, Warhol exhibited more than 100 paintings he created specifically for children (his Toy Paintings series) commissioned by his European dealer Bruno Bischofberger for his gallery in Zurich. Warhol created wallpaper for the event, and the paintings were even hung at a child’s eye level. His GA-43 Robot is from this series, and was one of a number of renderings of different models of toy robots.

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