Let the Spirit Move You: Spiritualist Photographs

Back in December 2013, Swann auctioned an album of 27 spiritualist photographs from seances at Dr. Thomas Glendenning Hamilton’s Psychic Room in Winnipeg, Canada in the early 1920s for $93,750–in fact, the album was the auction’s highest priced lot.

Now, as part of our upcoming sale of Vernacular Photography–the first auction of its kind–we have more spooky spiritualism images to offer:

Lot 31 is a group of five photographs depicting spirits appearing before an impervious bearded man taken by London spiritualists Richard Boursnell and J. Evans Sterling, 1895-96
Lot 32 is a group of 10 cartes-de-visite of famous Victorian-era British medium
Georgiana Houghton by Frederick Hudson, each with copious handwritten
observations on the back, 1875-76.
Lot 33 is a collection of eight 1930s photographs of seances and automatic writing, many credited to brothers
Craig and George Falconer, who were eventually arrested for fraud.