Rencontres d’Arles Director Interviews Daile Kaplan

As Swann Director of Photographs & Photobooks Daile Kaplan jets off to France for Les Rencontres d’Arles 2014, those of us left stateside stifle our jealousy and devour all of the great additional content the annual festival has posted on their website.

The Médiathèque (Media Library) is particularly rich in content, and features Skype interviews of curators and artists with exhibitions being presented at Arles this summer. In one, festival Director François Hébel asks Daile about the origins of her passion for Pop Photographica. Regarding the unique allure of this category of photography, Daile comments, “the everyday life material seemed to be outside the parameters of what collectors and curators were looking at… 20 years ago when the world was different.” 

Daile Kaplan Collection : Pop Photographica (version française) from Les Rencontres d’Arles on Vimeo.

Other charmingly candid video interviews with collectors who curated shows at Arles this year include W.M. Hunt, Martin Parr and Arthur Walther.