Eric C. Caren Collection in the News

Tomorrow’s auction of the Eric C. Caren Collection represents the collector’s efforts to represent every major event in modern history on paper. The diverse assortment of compelling manuscripts, posters, pamphlets, books, maps, newspapers, and broadsides has drawn interest from several news outlets.

The 1674 authorization from the British crown for a takeover of the New York colony

On Friday, September 9, Eve Kahn, Antiques Columnist for The New York Times, wrote about Caren and his drive to amass “paper evidence of five centuries’ worth of global political and social shifts and major tragedies.”

This handbill perpetuated a false rumor that well-known English abolitionist George Thompson was slated to appear at The Liberator‘s office in Boston and led to the attempt to the attempt to lynch Garrison.

Today’s issue of the Newburyport, MA Daily News includes a write up about a very scarce 1835 handbill that incited a mob attack against famed abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison.

This important early baseball artifact dates from the days before organized leagues and before overt professionalism

Also posted today is a piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer about an 1866 baseball scorecard ballyhooing “The Great Game for the Championship of the United States,” between the Atlantic Club of Philadelphia and the Atlantic Club of Brooklyn.