May Belfort Tops Vintage Posters Auction

 The top lot in yesterday’s Vintage Posters auction was May Belfort, a depiction of the Irish performer who amused Toulouse-Lautrec with her singing act that went, “I’ve got a little cat, I’m very fond of that.” In fact, the artist was so delighted by this that he designed this poster for her. Lautrec used an oblique line to create the illusion of a stage and a flat, eye-catching red for her dress. This piece shows far more artistry than what would normally be expected of a commercial assignment, it’s a delicate image that shows the artist at his best.
 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s May Belfort, brought $19,200.


Sergio Canevari’s La Pace Tedesca circa 1918, brought $14,400– more than three times it’s estimate. 
At 9 feet tall and 6 feet across, La Pace Tedesca was one of yesterday’s rarest and largest lots. This powerful anti-German image from World War I is one of only two known copies; the other is in the  Library of Congress.
Howard Chandler Christy’s  Aviation / Fly with the U.S. Marines, fetched $11,400.

Rounding out the top lots in yesterday’s sale was Howard Chandler Christy’s depiction of an airborne marine soaring over a Marine Corps bi-plane, while riding on the back of a giant eagle. This is the rarest of all of Christy’s posters.