The Art of Self Promotion: Posters for Lithography

In Belle Epoch France, posters were used to advertise everything from goods and services to exhibitions and magazines. The result was an all-out poster craze, with collectors putting aside images by favored artists, advertisements for beloved performers and just beautiful works of art.

In a self-referential twist, Swann Galleries’ upcoming auction of Vintage Posters features select images promoting the process of lithography and other forms of printing themselves. 


Lot 41 is F. Hugo D’Alesi’s design for an exhibition celebrating the first 100 years of lithography, 1895. 


Lot 48 is Pierre Bonnard’s advertisement for an exhibition launching Ambroise Vollard’s portfolio, L’Album des Peintres Graveurs, which established him as one of the finest, most influential printers in Paris.

Lot 67 is Ferdinand Louis Gottlob’s poster for the second Les Peintres Lithographes exhibition, 1898.

Lot 71 is Jules-Alexandre Grun’s Société des Peintres-Lithographes, 1901.