Records & Results: Rare & Important Travel Posters

Swann Travel Posters Auction Sets 8 Records

Philip Zec reaches $17.5K

Poster lovers from far and wide came to Swann on Thursday, October 25, sale of Rare & Important Travel Posters, setting eight records with bidding driven by eager collectors both in the room and on the phones.
The top lots of the sale were Emil Cardinaux’s snowy image for a winter getaway in St. Moritz and Philip Zec’s poster for travel to Scotland by night train, each reaching $17,500.

Lot 88, Emil Cardinaux poster for St. Moritz

Lot 88: Emil Cardinaux, St. Moritz, 1918. Sold for $17,500.


Lot 165, Philip Zec poster for a night train to scotland

Lot 165: Philip Zec, By Night Train to Scotland / LMS, 1932. Sold for $17,500.


Leisure Activities

Numerous records were realized in the sale for both artists and individual works. W. Smithson Broadhead’s Sea Breezes and Sunshine at Lytham St. Annes, circa 1930, set a record for the artist with $8,125.

Lot 178, W. Smithson Broadhead poster for Lythan St. Annes

Lot 178: W. Smithson Broadhead, Sea Breezes and Sunshine at Lytham St. Annes, circa 1930. Sold for $8,125.

Further records for sporting and leisure posters include the circa 1925 Gleneagles / The Tennis Girl by Septimus Edwin Scott advertising the Gleneagles hotel and golf resort, which reached $8,750.

Lot 169, Septimus Edwin Scott poster for Gleneagles

Lot 169: Septimus Edwin Scott, Gleneagles / The Tennis Girl, circa 1925. Sold for $8,750.


American Destinations

Records for travel posters advertising American destinations include Adolph Treidler’s New York / The Wonder City of the World, 1927, with $13,750–double the previous record for the image–and Sascha Maurer’s Atlantic City / Pennsylvania Railroad, circa 1940, with $6,500.

Lot 198, Adolph Treidler poster for New York City

Lot 198: Adolph Treidler, New York / The Wonder City of the World, 1927. Sold for $13,750.


Lot 210, Sascha Maurer poster for Atlantic City

Lot 210: Sascha Maurer, Atlantic City / Pennsylvania Railroad, circa 1940. Sold for $6,500.


Additional Records

Additional records were set by The Belgian Coast, 1934, by Jean Droit with $7,000.

Lot 175, Jean Droit poster for the Belgian coast

Lot 175: Jean Droit, The Belgian Coast, 1934. Estimate $7,000.

Savoy Hotel / St. Moritz, a lively dining scene by Karl Bickel brought $6,750.

Lot 97, Karl Bickel poster for the Savoy Hotel in St. Moritz

Lot 97: Karl Bickel, Savoy Hotel / St. Moritz. Sold for $6,750.

Farman / École de Pilotage, a circa 1920 aviation poster for The Farman Aviation Works set a record for the image with $6,500 and Alexander Zhitomirsky’s Georgian Military Highway, 1939, reached $5,720.

Lot 102, Unknown designer poster for The Farman Works aircrafts

Lot 102: Designer Unknown, Farman / École de Pilotage, circa 1920. Sold for $6,500.


Lot 52, Alexander Zhitomirsky poster for Georgian Military HIghway

Lot 52: Alexander Zhitomirsky, Georgian Military Highway, 1939. Sold for $5,720.


Roger Broders

Beach posters by Roger Broders proved popular, led by two posters featuring sun-worshiping women: Sur la Côte d’Azur, circa 1920, sold for $8,125 and La Plage de Calvi. Corse, 1928, reached $7,500.

Lot 72, Roger Broders poster for Sur la Côte d'Azur

Lot 72: Roger Broders, Sur la Côte d’Azur, circa 1931. Sold for $8,125.


Lot 71, Roger Broders poster for La Plage de Calvi. Corse

Lot 71: Roger Broders, La Plage de Calvi. Corse, 1928. Sold for $7,500.


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